Imam Baqir cultural complex

With utmost dedication and expertise, a 3D design showcase of the engine room for the Imam Mohammad Baqer Cultural and Educational Complex project has been meticulously crafted. Leveraging advanced technologies and focusing on technical intricacies, this exemplary work represents my proficiency in designing and executing complex projects

In this showcase, intricate routing of pipes, meticulous valve selection, and the design of various systems including HVAC have been executed accurately using BIM technology. Precise calculations for pipe sizing, the creation of comprehensive 3D models, and the determination of practical pipe routes have all been meticulously performed, adhering to the ASHRAE standards

This project encompasses essential devices and equipment for producing hot water systems, cooling systems, domestic hot water, and a fire suppression system. The number of equipment used in this project includes

– Four large hot water boilers
– Two domestic hot water sources
– Three expansion tanks utilizing closed-loop and vertical system configurations
– Three air-cooled chillers located on the project’s rooftop
– One booster pump for the water supply system
– One booster pump for the fire hose reel system
– One booster pump for the sprinkler system
– Twelve ground-mounted electric pumps with corresponding manifolds
– Multiple linear-type electric pumps with associated pipelines

Furthermore, precise calculations were performed for pipe and flue routing, valve selection, and detailed pipe layout. All drawings have been meticulously created in 3D, encompassing comprehensive technical and execution details. Additionally, tables pertaining to equipment specifications and installation guidelines have been presented to the client

I take pride in overseeing all stages from design to installation and maintenance of these systems, adhering to contemporary standards and engineering principles to ensure optimal utilization of these facilities within the Imam Mohammad Baqer Cultural and Educational Complex

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