With pride, details and outcomes of one of the significant projects in my portfolio.

The project involves the design of an HVAC system for an industrial factory located in Bandar Abbas, Iran, executed with exceptional precision and expertise.

Project Specifications:

Initiated in the month of Bahman (January/February) 1395 (2017), this project marked a strategic endeavor in the Bandar Abbas Industrial Zone.

The expansive production hall, covering an area of approximately 17,230 square feet with a height of 16 feet, posed impressive dimensions. As the lead for calculations and design in this project, I successfully performed accurate calculations and optimization

Design of HVAC System:

The utilization of AutoCad software empowered me to meticulously design the HVAC system for this project. All calculations related to ductwork, preparation, and drawing of air conditioning maps using the Carrier software, as well as computations pertaining to space pressure control, temperature stability, relative humidity control, and air particle regulation, were conducted by me.

Results and Data Presentation:

Consequently, the presented drawings were in AutoCad files, encompassing technical and execution details. Tables of environmental conditions control were separately provided for each space, along with tables showcasing the technical specifications of hygienic HVAC equipment, aligning with health and hygiene standards, delivered to the client.


The project of designing an HVAC system for the industrial factory in Bandar Abbas stands as a testament to my accomplishments, one that I look upon with great pride. The ability to execute precise calculations, optimal design, and implementation of international standards in this project reflects my expertise and experience in this field.

I am honored to have served as a senior consultant and designer in this project. For more details and to view samples of completed work, I am pleased to invite you to visit my personal website

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