Introduction of the Project

The project in which I collaborated as an excellent designer and supervisor is one of the most important and impactful projects I have been involved in, in the field of designing plumbing and HVAC systems, as well as heating and cooling systems.

This project was executed to prepare flow diagram drawings for the powerhouse, the foundation, and the selection of powerhouse equipment for a multifunctional cultural and sports complex. This project was located in Jam, Iran (Bandar-e-Asaluyeh), and I carried out the calculations and design work in the month of Khordad in the year 1393 (Iranian calendar).

Components of the Project

This project included the following:

  1. Convention Hall

   A large convention hall with suitable facilities for holding religious and cultural ceremonies.

  1. Public Swimming Pool

   A public swimming pool equipped with a sauna and jacuzzi.

  1. Grand Mosque

   A grand mosque with a capacity of 2000 people for prayer and religious ceremonies.

  1. Restaurant Hall and Kitchen

   A large restaurant hall and a kitchen suitable for cooking food and serving it to the dining hall.

  1. Multipurpose Sports Hall

   A large multipurpose sports hall that could be used for various sports disciplines.

  1. Residential Complex

   Apartment blocks with two floors each, suitable for accommodating guests.

My Contribution

One of the key aspects of this project was the design of the HVAC system. Using AutoCAD software with precision and professionalism, I succeeded in designing the HVAC system of this complex to the highest standards. All calculations related to ductwork and the preparation of HVAC drawings were performed by myself using the powerful Carrier software. Furthermore, calculations related to space pressure control, room temperature stability, relative humidity control, and most importantly, control of air particle levels in each space were all carried out by me in accordance with Ashrae standards


This project serves as a shining example of my abilities and expertise in the field of mechanical engineering and HVAC system design. The provided drawings are in AutoCAD files and include technical and executive details to facilitate the construction and execution of the project

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