HVAC System Design with Compliance to Standards and Specific Requirements for Dana Pharmaceuticals Factory

I am proud to announce the successful completion of the challenging project to design HVAC systems for the large-scale Dana Pharmaceuticals factory. The project encompassed a building with an approximate area of 2000 square meters and involved the implementation of 4 hygienic air handlers and several advanced exhaust fans to maintain stable air conditions.

The first floor of the building, known as the “rooms floor,” consisted of various spaces with diverse sections, each requiring separate rooms with specific requirements for temperature, pressure, humidity, and airborne particle levels in adherence to ISO standards. As a result, the calculations for the project became extensive and intricate.

The precise placement of the HVAC installations on the first floor was carefully considered to optimize the ductwork and related equipment. High-grade hygienic air handlers and professional-grade exhaust fans were employed to accurately control the air conditions in each section and room, ensuring compliance with the engineering standards. Additionally, the air handling equipment and exhaust fans were strategically positioned on the rooftop for optimal efficiency.

To effectively manage the project and ensure compliance with all engineering standards and requirements, Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology was utilized. This enabled seamless and precise collaboration with all members of the factory team, facilitating effective problem-solving and decision-making.

In conclusion, this project has been a profoundly impactful challenge for me as a mechanical engineer, providing an excellent opportunity to apply my professional expertise. I hope that by sharing the images and descriptions of this HVAC design, I can contribute to the improvement of the HVAC industry and the creation of better environments for pharmaceutical production.

Mehdi Shahrejdi, Mechanical Engineer

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